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We provide unlimited bandwidth, storage, and viewers, so you can upload and stream your videos with ease. We support up to 4K video. Our super fast video conversion speed ensures that your videos will be ready in no time. Plus, our permanent storage and no delete policy ensure that your videos are always available, even if they become inactive. With a highly stable system boasting nearly 100% uptime since 2017, you can trust that your videos will always be safe with us. Best of all, our service is completely free.

Top features

  • Unlimited storage. Store an unlimited number of videos without worrying about running out of space.
  • Permanent storage. Your videos will be stored forever, ensuring your memories are always preserved.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Never worry about bandwidth limitations – stream your videos to as many viewers as you want.
  • 4K video support. Showcase your videos in stunning 4K resolution, providing an immersive viewing experience for your audience.
  • Lightning-fast video conversion. Our advanced technology ensures rapid video conversion, making your videos ready for streaming in no time.
  • High-speed video streaming. Enjoy smooth, uninterrupted video playback thanks to our optimized streaming technology.
  • Inactive video retention. Even if your videos become inactive, we will never delete them, ensuring they remain accessible whenever you need them.
  • 99.99% uptime. Our highly stable system has maintained 99.99% uptime since 2017, guaranteeing that your videos are always available to your viewers.
  • Trusted since 2017. With a proven track record of reliability and excellence since 2017, you can trust us to be your long-term video storage and streaming partner.


Is there any limit on storage and keeping videos on Abyss?

No, Abyss provides unlimited storage, bandwidth, and viewers. Videos will be stored permanently even if they are inactive.

Can I download videos from Abyss?

Yes, there is a download button on the Abyss player. However, the uploader can disable the download function if they do not want to allow downloads.

How can I remove ads from videos on Abyss?

You can purchase paid bandwidth here to remove ads and set your own ads. Prices start from $10/1TB and can go as low as $1/1TB for bulk purchases.

What video formats does Abyss support and how long is the processing time?

Abyss supports most popular video formats such as mp4, mkv, avi, etc. Processing time depends on file size and system load, typically from 5 minutes to 24 hours, with 1080p and higher resolutions like 2k, 4k potentially taking up to 24 hours.

How do I use a custom domain for videos/embed codes from Abyss?

You need to point your domain's nameserver to Abyss and add the domain to the Custom Domain section here. The embed link will automatically update to use your domain. The update process usually takes from 5 minutes to 3 hours.

Does Abyss support uploading videos from Google Drive? How do I get the embed link after uploading?

Yes, you just need to paste the Google Drive video ID into the Remote Drive Upload section here.

How do I add multi-language subtitles to videos on Abyss?

In the video management section, click the [CC] button and upload each subtitle file in .srt or .vtt format. If subtitles do not appear, wait a few hours for the cache to refresh or check the subtitle file names.

My uploaded video is stuck in "Pending" status for more than 24 hours?

Abyss encoding system might be overloaded due to many users uploading at the same time. If the video is still "Pending" after 24 hours, try changing the md5 and re-uploading the video. If the issue persists, send us the video ID for investigation.

How do I hide the download button on the Abyss player?

Go to Player Settings and uncheck "Show Download button." The download button will disappear from the player. Player Settings

What's the best way to save time when uploading multiple videos?

Whether you upload 1 or 100 videos at once, the maximum processing time for all videos is still 24 hours. To save time, you should upload all the necessary videos at once instead of one by one.

Is Abyss' video encoding speed faster now?

Yes, we have upgraded the video conversion system to a new version with much faster processing speeds. We hope this improvement will provide a better experience for Abyss users.

How can I enable the skip forward/backward buttons on the player?

Abyss currently supports the skip forward/backward buttons on the player.

Some videos I uploaded a while ago now show errors. What happened?

Please provide the specific video IDs so we can investigate the issue.

Can I upload adult content on Abyss?

Yes, adult content is allowed as long as it is legal in your country. You are legally responsible for what you upload and share. Child pornography is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.

I accidentally moved the video folder and now it doesn't appear. How can I fix this?

Please provide your account email address so we can assist in recovering your video folder.

How do I copy videos between Abyss accounts?

You can use the video copy API to copy videos from one Abyss account to another. Refer to the API documentation for details here.

Does the Abyss player work in browsers with ad blockers enabled?

Currently, the Abyss player might not work in some browsers with ad-blocking extensions, like UC Browser on Android. Please try disabling the ad blocker.

Some of my videos only display in 360p quality after uploading. Why is that?

Please wait up to 24 hours for the video to complete processing higher quality versions. You can also check the preview to see if higher quality versions are available, as sometimes the manager displays low quality even when higher quality versions are created. If only 360p is available after 24 hours, the original video file may have had a low resolution.

How can I change the API key for uploading videos to my Abyss account?

Please contact us and we will manually change your API key.

After uploading videos, they take a long time to become playable. What is the expected processing time?

For videos longer than 1 hour, please wait up to 24 hours for processing to complete before the video becomes playable.

Does Abyss respond to DMCA takedown requests?

Yes, Abyss complies with valid DMCA takedown requests. Copyright-infringing content may be removed upon receiving a valid DMCA notice.

How can I make the Abyss player start in landscape mode on mobile devices?

There is currently no option to force the player to start in landscape mode. It will follow the orientation of the user's device.

I see many pop-under ads when playing Abyss videos. Is there a setting to control this?

We are aware of the excessive pop-under ads issue. We are working on adjusting ad settings to reduce the number of pop-ups. We are also considering implementing more user-friendly ad forms such as video ads.

Can I customize the Abyss player to display my logo?

Yes, in the player settings, you can upload your logo image and configure it to appear as a watermark on the video. Please wait a few hours for the player cache to refresh before the logo appears. Player Setting

How do I force the Abyss player to start in a paused state instead of autoplay?

The Abyss player defaults to not autoplaying.

Is there a way to upload remotely to Abyss from sources other than Google Drive?

Remote upload currently supports direct file links for mp4, torrent, and hls. Remote upload

Where can I find the nameservers to use for my custom domain with Abyss?

You need to add your domain in the Custom Domain section of your Abyss account. After adding, the nameservers for your domain will be provided there. Use those nameservers in your domain registrar's control panel. Custom domain

Will Abyss add support for uploading videos with multiple audio tracks?

Currently, there are no immediate plans to support multiple audio tracks, but we will consider this feature in the future. Please encode your video with a single audio track before uploading.

Is there a way to restrict Abyss video embeds to only allowed domains?

You can restrict the player to work only with allowed domains using the Referers feature, but this feature only works when you purchase paid bandwidth. Referers Paid Bandwidth

I get an 'Unknown Error 520' when trying to access Abyss. What does this mean?

Error 520 indicates an issue with the Cloudflare CDN used by Abyss. This is usually a temporary issue and will resolve itself in a few minutes. If the error persists, please let us know.

Can I export embed codes for all videos at once?

There is currently no way to bulk export embed codes. You will need to copy the embed code for each video individually from the video manager. We will consider a bulk export feature in the future.

Why do I get an error that the video slug does not exist, even though I can see the video in my account?

This usually occurs when the video is still in the processing queue and not ready to play. Even though you can see the video listed, the video page might not be active yet. Wait for processing to complete. If the error persists for more than 24 hours, please provide us with the specific video ID for further investigation.

Does Abyss support streaming on Chromecast devices?

Currently, there is no Chromecast support in the Abyss player. This is a common request, but there is no estimated time for adding Chromecast support. We will update if there are any changes.

Can I change the video slug/URL after uploading?

The video slug is randomly assigned during the upload process and cannot be changed afterward by the user. If you need to change the slug for a specific reason, please contact us.

How do I enable autoplay for Abyss embedded videos on my website?

The Abyss player does not support autoplay.

Why is my video still processing after 24 hours?

Sometimes there may be issues with the video processing system causing delays. If your video is stuck in processing for more than 24 hours, please contact us with the video ID so we can investigate and resolve the issue.

How do I set a password for my Abyss account?

You can set a password from the Abyss profile page to log in using your email and password instead of a Google account. Profile Page

If my Google account is deleted, will my video data on Abyss be deleted?

No, if you have set a separate password for your Abyss account, the deletion of your Google account will not affect your Abyss account.

Why wasn't my video converted to 1080p?

Your video must meet frame size standards to be converted to 1080p. If it does not, the video will only be converted to 720p or lower. Abyss supports up to 4k video quality.

How do I get the API key?

The API key can be found in the example at the Document section. Document

Does Abyss support ASS subtitles?

Abyss does not currently support ASS subtitles.

How do I check the bitrate of the uploaded video?

Abyss does not currently provide a way to check the bitrate of uploaded videos.

Does Abyss support multiple audio languages in one video?

Abyss does not currently support this feature, but it is a requested feature and may be considered in the future.

Does Abyss support 4K video quality?

Yes, Abyss supports 4k video quality.

How do I add subdomains to my custom domain on Abyss?

The custom domain feature currently only accepts root domains through nameserver. Abyss does not support adding subdomains through CNAME records.